We offer a wide range of services from a simple water change to large reef installations, there is no job that cannot be accomplished. Based in Surrey, we offer weekly, fortnightly, monthly and custom servicing to suit your aquarium

Want To Know About Our Products


Let your aquarium accent the mood of the ambience of your space.Be it your home, office, showroom, clinic, salon… We have just the kind of aquarium ideas that you seek. The wide range we can offer include Pedestal aquariums, Plasma & Wall aquariums, Custom shape aquariums, Nano aquariums, Table Aquariums … The range goes on. We are only Guarantee providers for the monster aquariums With our cleints .


We work with all sizes of aquariums from shop brought tanks to custom tank design suited to you. Call us for more information and we can build your dream design from the bottom up.

We offer a customizable service to suit you and your aquarium. Weather your starting from scratch or already have a tank up and running, we can come in and help with your tank maintenance.


For select clients we can install one of our beautifully designed Concept Aquariums in the setting of your choosing. We will collaborate with your architects, builders and consult on the right aquarium installation for your space.

We also offer smaller scale, affordable aquarium installations for modest and intimate spaces such as waiting rooms, offices and therapeutic spaces. Aquariums relax the soul, inspire the mind, and bring natural wonder indoors – an attractive aquarium can help increase the prosperity of any business.


You’ve a garden/lawn around your home?
Then, think of a AquaGarden ! Add magnificent charm to your Living Space with aquascaping. We have an excellent track-record in setting up aesthetic aquascaping for a host of clients hailing from as various sectors as residential, corporate, hospitality, healthcare & the like.We have access to the best ever choice of driftwood, rocks, aquatic plants and the like. Our expert aquascaping artists will spring a surprise with their craftsmanship in Aquarium Concepts like Marine Aquariums ,Planted Aquariums,Natural Biotops, Vivariums etc


Aquarium maintenance is as critical as installing an aquarium.As always, there’s nothing like sourcing an expert’s service, as aquarium maintenance involves a lot of complex processes, especially when your aquarium is high-value. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the aquarium is essential for the good health of the fish. Apart from fish tank cleaning, our service includes inspection of the fish and the equipment, water updations, live plant maintanance,Filter servicing, etc.The best And efficeint Aquarium Maintance team we are providing With our clients projects ,AMC Scheme is also available with us.A first


(Surrey and surrounding areas)
We understand that issues can arise at anytime of the day. This is why Aquatic Rescape offer and emergency call out service. We can be with you any time of the day if problems arise. If you have any questions or would like to enquire about any of our services please do not hesitate to call us on +91 7025 705 100 or visit our contact page.


We offer a range of comprehensive testing for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Starting from basic PH, Nitrite, Nitrate testing to move advanced KH, Phosphates and oxygen levels.


Filter cleaning is a chore in the hobby that we can do for you. Servicing the filter is one of the most important jobs with tank maintenance, your filter is the heart of your aquarium. We can service and check all of the components insuring the filter is running at its full potential.


We can also delivery a wide variety of fish ,& other Aquarium related depending what you would like for your aquarium. We will also provide sensible tank mates and stocking suggestions With a reasonable fees.


A simple check up on all of the equipment in the tank plus a water test to determine the health of the tank and the inhabitants. It can help to stop issues arising in the future and being more of an issue to amend.

Please feel free to contact us with any other requests.